Thursday, February 19, 2009

conversation with RISHI JI

It was a mind blowing night with rishi ji . Myself , Kapil , and Nikhil's mom and dad spent about 3 hrs with rishi ji . He has come to delhi to bless some couple who were getting married ... anyway he couldnt go because of some problem with is back ......
So he started the conversation with some brilliant jokes let me see if i can remember
" ek aadmi uske gaon me dadagiri ke saath sher ban ke ghumta tha to ek din ek aadmi ne
usse poocha ki tum yahan to bade sher bane ghumte ho ghar par kya ho jata hai ,
to usne kaha ki sher to main ghar par bhi rehta hoon bus ghar me "DURGA MAA" sawaar ho jati hai."

Q. What is enlightenment?

A: Enlightenment is doing trivial things. Enlightenment is letting go, like a child. Choti choti baate karne se badi cheeze hasil hoti hai means when you do the small things you get big results. For e.g. your parents/school teachers taught you to read/write and learn the tables etc., and so you have the educational qualification that you have today.

Q. Too many thoughts and cravings come to my mind. How do I handle this?

A: Two prominent things that influence the mind are food that you eat and the company you keep. Sadhana, satsang and seva lead to perfecion at 3 levels:a. Sadhana purifies the thoughts and feelingsb. Satsang purifies and cultures your speechc. Seva brings perfection in actionQ. Rishiji, you look tired today!A: How can I be tired? Because I am just a witness, I don't do anything.

Q. We are organizing The March Against Corruption and Terrorism on 1 Mar at Parliament Street, Delhi. How should we increase our speed and effectiveness in reaching out to more youth and enrolling them for the event? We are not happy with the results we have got so far.

A: Do you guys sit up till late in the night?...haa ...see thats not a good habit. What do you do till so late in the night? Discusions, planning? Why do you plan so much? Everything is already planned. You just have to do it! And whatever you plan in the night, will most likely not work out. Night time is not auspicious for making plans/sankalpas. Always do planning in the morning. Its more shubh (auspicious).

Q. Yoga Vasistha emphasizes a lot on self-effort. So if everything is planned then what should our effort be?

A: You effort is to keep the mind in the present moment.Rishiji said your entire focus should be on increasing your satva. Satva badhao.

And while Ram and Kapil were soaking in the Rishi's presence, I was enjoying being a witness to Bawa answering questions by some IIT Delhi YesPlus students at our adda (A1-266 Safdarjung Enclave, South Delhi) of the The March core organizing team. Ya ya, I know you would like to defnitely hear what Bau said. You will see it soon on my blog.Love & Jai Gurudev

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